The Cambridges leaving Australia. (x)

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge leave Australia with Prince George

omg you can hear george crying damn that kids got a good set of lungs

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"Tour over, William and Kate want some quiet time as a family,I am told,including a private celebration to mark their 3rd wedding anniversary"

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They deserve it.

"A spokesman says: The tour of New Zealand and Australia has been an incredible experience for both The Duke and Duchess. We always said this would be an opportunity for the Duke to introduce both countries to the Duchess and Prince George and the couple have been bowled over by the extraordinarily warm welcome shown to them as a family by people everywhere they went."

"The Royal tour has finished. The Cambridge’s are heading home."

"Very cute seeing George, dressed in red, shaking hands with all the dignitaries and letting out the odd wail."